Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Art and Tweedy's backyard

Every Memorial Day the family heads down to Art and Tweedy's house on Lake Freeman in Monticello, Indiana. Yesterday, we did just that and we had a gorgeous day! On the way, however, Rob and I decided (well, I decided) to stop at a pet shop called Hungry Hounds for an ice cream social. Francis "chose" peanut butter and honey ice cream and boy, did she love it!

Francis in the car, enjoying the sights with a full belly of ice cream

Ben, Elizabeth, and Andrew spent the day swimming, fishing, tadpole hunting, and catching minnows by the sand bank. The men (Art, John, Donald, Eric, Nick, and Rob) were usually down by the water with the kids while the ladies (Debbie, Tweedy, Sam, Chis, and I) typically stayed closer to the house where it was cooler. Us girls spent the day chatting and loving on Daphne and Delilah, Sam and Eric's adorable twin girls (5 months).

Me and Daphne

Eric with Daphne and Sam with Delilah

Aunt Jamie and Uncle Rob with Daphne and Delilah

John enjoying the hammock

We had a yummy lunch with chicken and lots of snacks and then a dinner with a fantastic pork tenderloin! I was so full by the time we left there! We did a lot of relaxing and spending time together yesterday. We all enjoy going to Art and Tweedy's - it's like a little mini one-day vacation, away from everything! We can't wait to go back around July 4th and Labor Day!

Daphne's foot :c )

Mom getting Delilah to sleep

Sam and Eric with Daphne in her adorable hat!

Art and John hanging out while workin' on that tenderloin! mmm!

Dama Debbie with Daphne

Delilah - asleep on Mommy

Francis being a very patient and good girl while I held Daphne

Getting Daphne to sleep

And before I end, let's not forget why we have Memorial Day. I have a few friends who are Marines and have been to Iraq to fight for our freedom. They, among others, have risked (and many sacrificed) their lives for ours. Without our troops and those brave men and women throughout our country's history, we wouldn't be able to have such a wonderful weekend by the lake.

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