Monday, June 14, 2010

Blackhawks Parade/Cross-Town Classic

Rob and I have been huge Blackhawks fans for years.  When we first started dating, vendors would call Rob to give away Hawks tickets because he was the only one who would take them!  We would get the best seats near the glass, but nowadays, tickets are hard to come by!  Either way, we were both so pumped that the Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup Final, and we were beyond excited when they won (even with the delayed reaction due to Kane's shot!).  Because Rob works in the city, he was able to go to the celebratory parade in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks - I, on the other hand, stayed nice and comfy at home and watched the hoopla on television!
The flags that decorated the streets

The parade going by!

Toews and Kane with Lord Stanley!

As the last bus drove by, people broke through the police barricades and began running behind and along side the bus.  The streets quickly filled with red and it was like The Running of the Bulls in Spain - pretty dangerous.  In fact, I actually saw a police officer on a 4-wheeler hit a few people on live t.v. - you can be sure I immediately called Rob to make sure he was ok!

Oh, the people...

The spanish bulls....I mean, Hawks fans.

Since the Hawks won the Stanley Cup, they have been having a great time around Chicago, sharing their victory.  There have been a lot of lucky people to run into them - now, if only we could be one of those lucky few!  However, last night, Rob and I went to the Cubs/Sox game (the last game of the Cross-Town Classic) where Rob had tickets to a Rooftop.  It was awesome because the Blackhawks came onto the field to show off Lord Stanley!  They went around the entire field, got a group picture with them, the White Sox, and Cubs, and then Joel Quenniville (the Hawks coach) threw out the first pitch.  Another exciting part, Jim Cornelison sang the National Anthem.  Now, if you have ever been to a Hawks game, then you know how insane the National Anthem is there.  It's been said on sports shows that the United Center, before a Hawks game, is the best place in the country to witness the anthem.  The fans are CRAZY and they scream the ENTIRE time Jim loud, in fact, that sometimes it's hard to hear him!  And of course, the crowd was definitely loud last night!

The Blackhawks coming onto Wrigley Field

Sharing the victory with the fans

Toews with the baseball...who eventually handed it over to the coach for the first pitch

Time for a big group photo!

The National Anthem - with the Stanley Cup on home plate

A few of the Blackhawks sang the 7th Inning Stretch - all I can say is they better stick to hockey because they are TONE-DEAF!  Sadly to say, despite the fantastic pre-game excitement, the White Sox lost to the Cubs with a score of 0-1.  That's ok though - the Sox won the first two of the series!  As we were leaving the rooftop, heading to the train station, we noticed a TON of police on horses....we then quickly realized that they were guarding the two buses for the Blackhawks.  There was a mob of people waiting for them to come out.  There has been a lot of excitement around here the last week and Rob and I are definitely having a good time with it!  Go Blackhawks!!!

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