Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Kitchen!

WOW! Two posts today - and it's only 9 am! I just had to add in about our awesome kitchen! Rob, with the extra efforts of his dad, John and brother-in-law, Nick, put in the kitchen floor! It looks FANTASTIC! We started re-vamping the kitchen about 8 months ago, or so. We painted the walls yellow - I love the color. We didn't want to do too much because we loved the countertops and the cabinets are in pretty good shape. So next, we re-did the backsplash and even added it to a few other walls in the kitchen. It's like a small brick pattern. I love it! Then we changed out the light fixtures (and took out the ceiling fan) and added handles to all of the cabinets and drawers (that small change made a huge difference). Finally, last week, Rob put in the kitchen floor and it looks so beautiful! I LOVE OUR NEW KITCHEN! Good work! John, thanks for your help! And Nick - you are awesome for giving up your entire day to help Rob. You guys did fantastic work!

Isn't it beautiful?!

Just another side of the kitchen - showing the new light fixture and some more of the backsplash and handles.

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