Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our first blog!

Well, this is our very first blog! We decided to create a blog to keep family and friends close to us even if we can't physically be with each other as often as we'd like. And considering we got this AWESOME new macbook from Rob's parents for our wedding gift, blogging couldn't be easier! We want to use this to tell our story, The Healy Story, even if it's little updates on what we've been doing. We'll post pictures as much as we can, too.
Today is Mother's Day and we had an awesome day. We started with brunch and John and Debbie's house. It was fantastic with VERY delicious food! Then later on, we went to dinner at the Princess Cafe with my parents and grandparents - again, yummy food! We got the mommas flowers and I made homemade body scrubs. I hope they turned out okay! I'll try and upload a picture of the cute jar later this week.
Well, that's all for now! Nighty night!


  1. How did you make the scrubs???

  2. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart. You mix two cups of epsom salts to one cup of carrier oil. It can be any kind of oil you'd like...I used castor but you could use sesame, apricot, really any kind. Then once it was all mixed up, I added grapefruit essential oil...several drops. The oil eventually rises to the top so before you use it you'll have to stir it back up. But once you do, it's oh so nice!