Sunday, January 30, 2011

Check Out This Growing Belly!

I can't believe it - I am already 30 weeks along!  Just 10 more and our little Babu will be here!  We've had several doctor visits in the last few months and everything is going along just perfectly.  He is growing away in there!  Dominick now gets the hiccups, which is so weird to feel.  He is very long so he doesn't kick as much anymore, but boy does he push!  I have lumps and body parts pushing out all day and night long.  My belly looks like an alien spaceship with some weird life form attempting to break free.  He still moves CONSTANTLY so my belly is always wiggling.  Sometimes it's fun to watch...but sometimes Mommy needs a break!  He kicks/pushes all day long and all night long!  I have a lot of sleepless nights already!  I suppose he is just getting me ready for what's to come!  We've already gotten a few gifts for Dominick, which is very fun and exciting!  Rob's parents got us the travel system (which I put together all by myself - go me!), Mimi and John sent us Dominick's bathtub, my grandparents bought us a beautiful glider and ottoman, and my parents bought us the nursery furniture!  I can't believe he'll be here so soon!  He's already head-down, which is great!

With lots of research and thought, we decided to hire a doula for Dominick's birth.  We found an amazing woman, named Becca.  She will be there with Rob and I for the entire labor and delivery process, plus a few hours after he is born to help with the first feeding, etc.  I decided to have a natural birth without drugs.  I have so many drug allergies that I am afraid to ruin my first day or two with my baby boy due to a bad reaction to something.  To me, hours of pain, without drug side effects, is worth it. We have gotten a lot of support from our families for our decision and to be honest, I am no longer nervous or anxious about giving birth.  It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  And better yet, I know that having Becca with us with give us the best experience possible because she will not only help me, but she'll be a huge support for Rob, as well.

On January 15, we had our 4D ultrasound.  It was AMAZING!  We brought both our moms with us for this awesome experience.  We went to Stork Snapshots in Lombard and they were absolutely fantastic.  I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.  They took us in this beautiful room with a large couch for family, a special chair for Dad, and a really nice ultrasound bed for me.  The walls had two large flat screen televisions so everyone could see the ultrasound.  We got 30 minutes in there!  And as usual, Dominick was ALL over the place!  It was absolutely incredible to see his face.  I still can't connect the fact that the little baby in the pictures is actually OUR baby and he is in my belly.  It's so weird!  We got to see him play with the umbilical cord, he made some smiles, he kept rubbing his nose, and at one point, he must have got uncomfortable because he kept stretching and tilting his head back...then next thing we know, he shook his head, made a huge frown, and opened his mouth - he looked just like he wanted to cry!  With our session, we got a dvd of the entire ultrasound, a cd with 96 photos, 6 4X6 printouts, and we even got a stuffed puppy dog with a recording of Dominick's heartbeat!

Here's the latest collection of belly pictures!

 26 weeks

 27 weeks

 28 weeks - the day of our 4D ultrasound

 28 weeks, 1 day - all dressed up for Natalie's Baptism

30 weeks

We have LOTS to look forward to in the upcoming weeks!  My aunt Mell and uncle Joe are coming in this week from Denver for my Gram's 80th Birthday!  Then on the 12th we have our hospital class, on the 20th we have the baby shower (can't wait!), and on the 26th we have maternity photos!  February should fly by, but unfortunately, I'm expecting March to drag!  Either way, 10 more weeks!


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