Sunday, January 30, 2011

So Far Behind!

With all the craziness of the holidays, the new year, and back to school, I have fallen so far behind in updating our blog!  So, this blog entry will contain a whole mix of stuff!

First of all, Christmas was fantastic!  Both Christmas Eve and Christmas were such wonderful days spent with family and loved ones.  Unfortunately, we were short a few family members as several of them caught that nasty stomach flu that was going around.  Either way, we celebrated with them in our hearts!  Lots of food, laughter, and gifts were exchanged over those two days...and I think Dominick got more gifts than anyone - and he isn't even here yet!

Christmas Eve belly shot - 24 weeks, 6 days

Christmas day belly shot - 25 weeks

On December 27, we headed out on our annual Snowboard/Ski Trip to Boyne Highlands, near Petoskey Michigan.  This year, it was just Rob and me, Chris, Nick, and Ben.  We were very lucky with the drive this year - no snow on the way up!  The last few years it was a very stressful drive with lake effect snow almost the entire way.  Luckily this year, we missed it all.  It only took us about 6 hours to get there - normally, it takes like 8 or 9!  We had a great time up there.  Obviously, I did not partake in any of the snowy activities.  Instead, Chris and I had several days of girl time and we had a fantastic time just hanging out together.  Rob, Nick, and Ben had a great time, too!  Rob snowboarded, Nick skied, and Ben did a little of both!  He took a snowboard lesson and did great, but he is BEST at skiing!  He sure can fly down that hill fast for an 8 year old!  He had such a blast skiing with Dad and Uncle Rob.  Those boys had so much fun together.  They even went ziplining down the mountain!  Ben went down with no hands at one point and Rob and Nick both flipped upside down!  Chris and I....watched.  :)  

 One tiny snapshot of Boyne

There's Ben during his snowboard lesson!  Go Ben!

We had a great time - we can't wait for next year!  We drove home on New Year's Eve (which was also my Daddy's 60th Birthday!) and got home just in time for New Year's festivities.  Normally, Rob's parents have the party, but unfortunately, they got sick!  So we moved the party to our house.  Although we missed them terribly, we still had a pretty fun time.  Everyone brought board games to play which made for a fun night.  We even turned on the XBOX Kinect which was a lot of fun to watch the kids (and big kids) jump around like goofballs.

We are so blessed to have such great family and friends in our lives to share the holidays with.  We couldn't ask for anything better.  I can't wait until Dominick arrives so he can be a part of all of this.


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