Monday, June 14, 2010

Adjusting to summer vacation

So as of June 4, I have been officially done with school.  Last year, I was frantically running around with the last minute details for the wedding.  But this year, well...this year has been a total different story.  I'm SO BORED!  And the garbage weather has not been helpful - at all!  So I decided to start painting again.  It's been almost three years since I've painted last.  I've been wanting to paint but I just haven't had the time.




If you couldn't already tell, I love to paint flowers.  I just like the different colors that run through a single petal.  I also really love to paint landscapes with lots of trees.  I am still learning how to use watercolors and how to work with them.  I took a course in college and focused primarily on acrylic so that is what I am most comfortable with...and I think it shows.  I tend to like my acrylic paintings better.  I like how you can layer the paints.  The yellow flower is actually the first painting I have ever kept for myself.  I usually give my paintings away, but I kept this one for our family room.

My easel!  I love this folds up into a carrying case and has a nice big drawer to keep some of my paint.  My parents got it for me a few years ago.

Totally off subject, but I thought I'd add in a picture of my new haircut!  I was nervous about cutting it, but it my hair is so thick that it is TOO hot for the summer heat!  
Courtesy of the handsome photographer, Rob

Saturday, we are leaving for Punta Cana, Dominican Repulic!!!  We are going to celebrate our one year anniversary - Caribbean Style!  The next post will be all about it!  We can't wait to share it with you!  We still can't believe it's already been a year!  And what a phenomenal year it was!  xoxo

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