Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween and 16 Week Photos!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  We sure did!  Actually, we had a great Halloween weekend!  At school on Friday, we had our Halloween parade and party.  The kids were so cute!  I don't normally post photos of my students but they are just too stinkin' cute in their costumes not to!
My Halloween "costume"  :c )  Even baby dressed up! 

 My class!

On Friday night, our good friends Matt and Kathy came over.  We had dinner and carved pumpkins!  It was so much fun!  Kathy even brought over Halloween music - but Rob did not approve.  :c )  I carved my pumpkin into Count von Count from Sesame Street.  The "half-attempted" Batman was courtesy of Matt.  Kathy did an awesome job with Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter.  Rob was a "rebel" and went his own way to make his vampire pumpkin.  Don't they look great?! 

 SO Cool!

 The girls' awesome pumpkins!

 Me and Kathy posing with our MASTERPIECES!

MMMM...pumpkin seeds!!!!

Of course, once the seeds were cleaned I HAD to cook those delicious little things!  One batch was super buttery and salty!!! MMMM!!!  The other batch was hot and spicy - Rob's favorite!  They were so yummy!  We sat on the couch and munched on them the rest of the night!
 The rest of the weekend was just as fantastic.  On Saturday night, Kyle and Becca came over for pizza, taco salad, and funny movies!  We always have the best time with them!!!  On Sunday, we spent the day putting our "new" dining room and living room together (pictures to come soon!) and then had chili and laughs at Rob's parents' house!  We had such a nice time there.  We got to see Natalia and Teagan, Sam, Daphne, and Delilah, Brian, and Debbie and John.  And the chili was DELICIOUS! 

We also have to document WEEK 16!  We went to the doctor for our 16 week appointment on October 23.  We heard baby's heartbeat at a solid 150!  It's such a magical sound!  

 Unfortunately the dark shirt makes it hard to see the belly!

A RARE bare belly shot!  

I've been feeling little Baby Healy kick and swim around since EARLY week 16.  It's so crazy to feel!  Another exciting part to our Halloween weekend: Rob felt baby kick for the first time on Saturday night!  He was speechless!  I was so happy that he finally got to feel a kick!  :c )
I am now 18 weeks and have definitely "popped!"  I woke up last Tuesday and was like, "oh my gosh!" My belly got bigger out of nowhere!  I was teaching on Wednesday night and my students were shocked!  One student even said, "wow, you got pregnant, like over night!"  I agree!  We saw our closest friends Mike and Janet last night and Janet's jaw dropped when she saw this belly!  Don't worry though - updated pictures will be on our blog for 20 Weeks!  We go to the doctor for our big 20 Week appointment on November 20.  We are super excited to see our baby again and we will hopefully find out if we're having a boy or girl!  We are waiting to tell our families on Thanksgiving, so once they know, we will share the news with you all!

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