Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend in Galena

Last weekend, Rob and I drove to Galena, IL to spend a nice relaxing weekend together. Lucky for us, my best friend Katie's grandparents own a gorgeous log cabin in the rolling hills of the Galena Territories (about a 15 minute drive to downtown Galena).  

 There it is!  All nestled in the trees!

Katie and her husband, Paul, were planning on going to Galena Saturday through Monday, but since it was Rob's birthday on Wednesday, I asked if it would be okay for us to go a night ahead and enjoy some time to ourselves.  Lucky for us, we were able to!  We left Friday evening after I picked Rob up from work and drove the 3.5 hours to Galena.  Unfortunately, I was feeling carsick so I slept most of the way while Rob drove (poor guy!).  Eventually, we made it and we still had enough sunlight to find the hidden key.  We brought our stuff in, turned on the water and air, and left for dinner (we were starving by then!).

 We made it!

We went to dinner at this placed called Benjamin's in town.  It was very yummy!  By then, it was late so we decided to head back to the cabin.  It was so beautiful at night because there weren't any clouds.  We saw thousands of stars!  We laid on the hammock on the deck just looking at the stars.  We even saw a satellite float by....AND a shooting star!!!  We both made wishes.  :c )

  Total relaxation!

The next morning, we slept in until around 9.  It's so easy to get a good night sleep there because it is SO quiet!  

 Our morning view from the deck.  It was so peaceful!

We then headed into town where we had breakfast and did a little shopping.  I just love the downtown area - it's so darn cute!  There are a ton of cute little shops, restaurants and bars.  After a little shopping, Rob and I decided to stop in our favorite bar there, The Grape Escape.  It's owned by this awesome lady who dresses totally 50's with lots of tattoos.  They have free games to play, including Golden Tee.  During the afternoon on Saturday, there was an "all you can garnish" bloody mary bar and live music.  

 A view of downtown

The Grape Escape!

Eventually, Katie and Paul made it to Galena and met us.  It was SO good to see them.  I hadn't seen Katie since the last time we went to Galena in the winter.  I was so excited to love on her adorable pregnant belly!  This was the first time I got to see Katie since she has been pregnant so I was so anxious to love on her belly!  After all, that is my "niece" in there!

 All THREE of us girls.  :)

Later in the evening, we went to dinner at The Log Cabin where the food is delicious!  

 Katie and Paul, proud parents to be!
On our way to dinner - how cute are they?!

After dinner, we headed back to the cabin to relax.  Rob, Paul and I had some "cigar time" out on the porch.  We saw another shooting star!!!!  What a lucky weekend!  I only had half of one and then I slipped inside to have girl time with my Katie.  Katie laid on the couch while I sat on the floor next to her with my hand on her belly for quite awhile.  It was so awesome.  I got a kick and some other little movement from their precious baby girl!  I even saw Katie's belly move while we were chatting.  A lot of our conversation definitely focused on birth, babies, and the future.  I feel so lucky to be able to be a little part of Paul and Katie's journey.  I love that baby so much and she isn't even here yet!  Come on, October!  :c )
The next morning, we all got up (Paul went on a 42 mile bike ride) and spent a little time together.  Then Rob and I had to pack up head back home.  It is very tough to leave such a calm and peaceful place, but we had to!  The next few pictures are some of the scenery heading out of the Territories and then a little bit on our way out of Galena.

 Driving through The Territories

 There are lots of horse stables in The Territories.  These are some cool jumps...or whatever you call them!  :c )

 More "horse jumps"  haha!

 Out of The Territories, on our way out of Galena

 Bye bye Galena!  We hope to see you again soon!

What can I say, what a fantastic weekend!  If you've never been to Galena, I highly recommend it.  It's peaceful and beautiful and there's a lot to do!  Thanks again to Katie and Paul for inviting us!!!  And a big thank you to her grandparents, The Peressini's for letting us go a night early on our own!!!!   xoxo